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Update modem drivers: What is it and How to do it?

Most people connect to internet through cable modems, DSL, or fiber optics. No matter what type of modem you use, they all do modulation and demodulation. This is why modem is also called “modulator-demodulator”. Modem acts as a translator so that signals from your computer can travel over phone lines. It’s analogous to two people wanting to talk and having uncommon language. They will definitely need a translator. Translator knows both the languages and translates each one of them for both the parties so that both can understand and communicate. Rather than literally translating, modem translates signals from your computer to phone lines, DSL, or fiber optics so to bridge the communication between the two. In order to be completely functional, you need to update modem drivers if need be.

Modem Drivers are set of codes that receive signals from your computer, make packets of that data for modem and transmit it over phone lines, DSL, or fiber optics even in the air. Moreover, it decodes data packets received from any location of the world so that it could be understandable for your computer. These are modem drivers through which you enjoy the facility of email or internet. You can use driver updates to keep your modem driver up-to-date which are available on one-click access free of cost.

Sometimes, you may face problems due to modem drivers. The reasons can be:

• You installed a new modem
• Recently upgraded your operating systems
• Modem driver has been corrupted by undesired application or system Crash etc.

How to update modem drivers?

Facing a problem in modem drivers is not a serious problem. One can easily fix it by re-installing or updating the modem driver. There are typically three ways to update modem driver:

• Install Windows updates which might install the latest drivers for your modem
• Open Device manager from control panel and update driver modem
Open manufacturer’s website and find compatible modem driver for your modem

For detailed steps and illustration of how to update modem driver, check out “How to install/ update drivers?

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