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April 2013

Windows 7 device drivers compatibility: Is it an issue?

Prior to the advent of Windows XP, Microsoft users were tortured poorly simply because they could not know very well when their cameras and printers failed to work and what direction to go. But now with Plug and Play systems set up, life is becoming much simpler and you can connect any hardware device to the computer and be assured that you can allow it to be working somehow. Windows …Read More

Windows XP Drivers: Why are they needed?

This is a well known fact that Windows XP is probably the most generally employed operating system over the width and length of the planet and so are windows XP drivers in demand. Whether it is definitely an old Celeron machine or a Core 2 Duo machine, individuals find it wise to perform this version of Windows instead of a few of the newer and bulkier ones. Why do you …Read More

Windows XP Freezes: Why does that occur?

When using Windows XP, there are several things which will lead to windows XP freezes. In this blog, we will explore what are the reasons behind windows XP freezing up. Various reasons for why windows XP freezes? The very first and most typical thing that causes the system to freeze is that the system has become old and no longer has the needed free memory to operate right. Yet another …Read More

Filename extensions: All about them and more

Here are some common questions about file names and filename extensions that people usually ask. Let us go through them one by one. Exactly what is a filename extension? A filename extension is really a couple of characters that helps Windows understand what sort of information is in a file and what software should open it. Because it appears at the conclusion of the file name, following a period of …Read More