Bluetooth device driver: What is it and how to install/ update?

What is Bluetooth device driver?

Bluetooth device driver is a type of software which helps your operating system to connect with your Bluetooth device easily. Like other drivers, this driver needs to be upgraded very often with the advancing technology. They are very specific when it comes to different types of Bluetooth devices. For every new version of Windows, there would be different Bluetooth device driver needed in it. In short, you cannot use the Bluetooth device driver for Windows 7 that you are using for Windows XP.

Bluetooth device driver errors occur when the present driver is missing or corrupted. In this case, this might happen that your system may refuse to show such connected driver. In another case, your system might show some error messages to inform you of such loss.

It is recommended that you keep upgrading your drivers with the time because as the technology advances, all the drivers need to be updated otherwise they will not accept the new hardware you attach to your computer. By scanning your system with time to time, you will be safe from such headaches.

How to install/ update Bluetooth driver?

To upgrade Bluetooth driver, follow the instructions below:

1. Click the “start” icon in the bottom left corner of your computer’s screen.

2. Choose the option “control panel” from the menu given on right side.

3. Select the option “hardware and sound”, where you can find the “device manger” under the heading “devices and printer”.

4. When finally you will see a list of options in front of you, double click on the option mentioned as “network adapters”.

5. You will see your Bluetooth device. By right clicking on the option, go to its properties.

6. There, in “General” tab, you can see its manufacturer. Note this and download the latest driver searching on the internet by manufacturer’s name.

7. After downloading, it will automatically tell you about installation. Just follow the instructions and your driver will be updated.

Note: You can install latest drivers from compact disks (CDs) as well. Buy any CD with the latest versions of drivers in it from your nearby shop.

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