Boot Sector virus: What is it and How to remove it?

What is boot sector virus?

Boot sector virus, as the name indicates, is a type of virus that attacks the windows booting sector. It infects Master boot record (MBR). This virus inserts self made codes and infected files into the booting store and renders the system unable to boot properly. If the virus has got stronghold on your system, your system will not even start up at all. Keep in mind that the boot sector helps your system to boot up.

It comes from external storage devices that are infected with viruses and are attached to the computer while it is booting up. That makes it easy for boot sector virus to inject infected codes and files to the system’s booting part. As soon as you receive booting error messages, remove boot sector virus immediately. Do not ignore those error messages as something normal or that occurs once in a while.

How to remove boot sector virus?

You can always choose to run an antivirus scan that would probably help; however, if you are still not satisfied, you can remove boot sector virus manually through “System restore.”

Conducting System Restore

As we have seen that the boot sector virus sometimes affects the system to an extent that you cannot even boot your computer. For this reason, you may need an installation disc. It can be any installation disc only if it is compatible with your Windows’ version.

To get comfortable with the idea of system restore, you must read System restore FAQs.

1. Insert the disk into the drive and wait for it to open. Do not go for installations rather choose to repair. This will open up “System Recovery options” for you.

2. Click “system restore.”

3. When the system restore dialog box will open, you will see a list of restore points. Choose among those the one which is before the suspected attack of boot sector virus. After highlighting the restore point, click “Next.”

4. Click finish to start system restoration procedure. You cannot do multi tasking with the machine during the process. Please wait while the process is completed.

5. Windows will restart automatically. If it does, that means the boot sector virus has been successfully removed.

Tip: Run an antivirus scan to leave no stone unturned.

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