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Remove Polymorphic Virus: How to do it?

We read and understood what polymorphic virus is and what does it do in the previous blog. We also found that “Windows restore” is one of the options we have to remove polymorphous virus. In this blog, we will see how we can perform Windows restore successfully. Few things to know about Windows restore before we move on Novice people may not be comfortable with the idea of restoration to …Read More

Polymorphic Virus: What is it and what it does?

Polymorphic virus, as the term indicates, is the virus that takes many forms. Poly means “many” and morph means “forms.” It keeps changing its form every time it infects a file. It does so to avoid being detected at all. Typical symptoms that you will notice your system exhibits will be: • Computer slowing down, crashing, or freezing • Random error messages popping up • Irrelevant dialog boxes showing up …Read More

Resident virus: What is it and how to remove it?

A resident virus, as the name suggests, is a type of virus that resides in the Random access memory (RAM) of your computer. Every time you open a certain program or a file, resident virus gets activated. It will spread throughout the system through programs that are running. When users multitask and run several programs at the same time, the resident virus infects all those programs if activated. For instance, …Read More

System Progressive Virus: What is it and How to remove it?

System progressive virus acts like a legitimate antivirus software finding and notifying fake viruses which do not even exist in your system. You might think they do and take a step further to download whatever program system progressive virus is asking you to download. It claims to rid your system from all kinds of identified viruses and clean it. But actually it wants access to any confidential information it aims …Read More

Boot Sector virus: What is it and How to remove it?

What is boot sector virus? Boot sector virus, as the name indicates, is a type of virus that attacks the windows booting sector. It infects Master boot record (MBR). This virus inserts self made codes and infected files into the booting store and renders the system unable to boot properly. If the virus has got stronghold on your system, your system will not even start up at all. Keep in …Read More

PC Defender Plus Virus: How to remove it?

PC defender plus virus is a fake antivirus or anti spyware that bluffs you about some non-existent viruses, spywares, malware and what else. It is also known as scare ware because they are distributed and worked under cyber criminals just to make you get false antivirus through scaring you about some hidden viruses and infected files. Trying you to get PC defender plus virus in your computer, they show false …Read More

Freecause virus: What is it and how to remove it?

Freecause virus is a virus, which enters in your computer as a hijacker through your web browsers such as Google chrome, Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox, when you download freeware programs from the internet. By entering your computer system via free downloads, it adds an additional a toolbar in your browser, which appears mostly on your web browsers along with many other free download ads. When you use that toolbar, …Read More

Trojan Zeus: What is it and how to remove it?

Trojan zeus also known as zbot or ZeuS is a Trojan horse which is primarily designed to steal confidential information. It runs as computer malware on Microsoft windows operating systems. What Trojan virus does? Trojan zeus is a specific kind of malware which attempts to gather banking information or financial details from people like bank account numbers and passwords, charge cards information etc. It has the potential to cause greater …Read More

Remove File Restore Virus: How to do it?

File restore virus, also known as file recovery virus, is a kind of virus that pretends to be a legitimate program finding fake issues in your system. It prompts to rid your system of any malware that hinders smooth functioning and opening of various programs and files. It poses like antivirus software, but actually prompts you to take a downloading action by sending out fake random pop-up ads. It tries …Read More

Remove adware: What is it and how to do it?

Much annoyed with the unwanted advertisements appearing on your PC, aren’t you? Sometimes, it so happens that your computer, due to insufficient security, gets attacked by nasty coders who infect your computer with Adware to endorse their own product. Then it becomes urgent to remove adware. What is Adware? Adware is legitimate software which automatically downloads advertisements for you on the basis of information like websites you visit, pages you …Read More