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Update display drivers: How to do it?

While playing a video game or using a video application, your computer might freeze and end up showing desktop or a blue screen of death. You will probably get an error message stating that “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.” This is one the error messages you get when display driver stops working. There can be several issues with your display adaptor including display drivers issue. If you have …Read More

update USB drivers: What is it and how to do it?

What are USB drivers? USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. A USB driver is a bridge or a connection between upstream host and downstream devices. An upstream host may be your computer and a downstream device can be any of the peripheral devices such as printer, digital camera, mouse, gaming system, or zip drive. There is dire need to install or update USB drivers because it helps many devices to …Read More

Update webcam driver: What is it and how to do it?

What is a webcam driver? Webcam driver is software that is used to identify the webcam attached to the computer’s motherboard through a USB port. This software also functions for the webcam when there is any problem identifying it. The correct connection is also required because if this hardware is not properly recognizable, then it is no more than a mere piece of device attached to the computer. So in …Read More

update video card drivers: How to do it?

A hardware device responsible for connecting your monitor with computer by sending display information to the monitor is called a video card. There are different terms for video card. Some of them are video adapter, graphics card, display adapter, or graphics adapter. It is important to update video card driver as if they become obsolete, outdated, or damaged, then your video card will not function properly and you will experience …Read More

Update modem drivers: What is it and How to do it?

Most people connect to internet through cable modems, DSL, or fiber optics. No matter what type of modem you use, they all do modulation and demodulation. This is why modem is also called “modulator-demodulator”. Modem acts as a translator so that signals from your computer can travel over phone lines. It’s analogous to two people wanting to talk and having uncommon language. They will definitely need a translator. Translator knows …Read More

How to fix printer problems or printer driver issues?

You sent the command to your printer to print your document and waited for it to be printed. But the paper never came out. Don’t panic! There can be several printer problems that you can come across. They can be due to: • Improper connection of cables • Problematic wireless adapters and its settings • Printer drivers’ incompatibility • Missing printer updates This article is going to tell you how …Read More

How to install/ update drivers?

Drivers need to be updated to match the improved performance and interoperability of hardware devices. You can update or install driver software manually from installation CD or external storage device. You can also check available windows updates, important as well as optional, to look for driver update. These things along with other ways to update drivers are given below. You can follow the steps below to update drivers. 1. For …Read More

Network adapter driver issue: How to resolve?

Network adapter lets you connect to the internet. If you are unable to use internet, there might be different problems with network e. One of them is missing or outdated network adapter driver. Before jumping to conclusion that your network adapter driver is missing, you must go for troubleshooting. If there are no other issues, then it is driver issue definitely. How to fix network adapter driver issue? Drivers need …Read More