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Filename extensions: All about them and more

Here are some common questions about file names and filename extensions that people usually ask. Let us go through them one by one.

Exactly what is a filename extension?

A filename extension is really a couple of characters that helps Windows understand what sort of information is in a file and what software should open it. Because it appears at the conclusion of the file name, following a period of time it is known as an extension. In the file name myfile.txt, the extension is txt. It tells Windows that this really is a text file that could be opened by programs connected with that extension, such as for example Word Pad or Notepad.

How do I see filename extensions in the file name?

By default option, Windows hides filename extensions to make file names more straightforward to see, but you are able to decide to make extensions visible. To find out more, see Reveal or hide filename extensions.

How do you change a filename extension?

Often, filename extensions really should not be changed since you may not have the ability to open or edit the file after doing this. Sometimes, nevertheless, altering the filename extension can be of use such as for example when you have to alter a text file (.txt) to an HTML file (.htm) to ensure that you can see it in a browser. To alter a filename extension, first make sure that filename extensions are observable. Then, right-click the file you need to change and click Rename.

Delete the filename extension, type the new extension, and then press ENTER.

Windows will warn you that changing the filename extension could potentially cause the file to stop functioning correctly. If you are sure that the extension you typed is one that the software you are making use of will realize, click Yes to confirm the change.