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SpeedFixTool Scam? One Founder Takes “RipOff” Accusations Head-On…

I’m a lead developer for

It’s one of the most exciting companies I’ve ever worked with, and I’m extremely proud of our product, our services and especially all of our wonderful customers.

I never expected people to accuse our company of being a “scam” site. In fact, when I saw all of the Facebook comments, and our company listed on ScamAdvisor (with a bad rating) I was devastated…

…I immediately checked with our support staff. I personally contacted our customer base. The feedback we receive from customers is overwhelmingly positive – I couldn’t figure out where these accusations where coming from.

At first I was upset. I was angry.

I thought maybe it was a smear campaign by a competitor. For a minute I thought that maybe people are just cruel – but now I’ve finally figured out what the problem is.

And as surprising as it sounds…

…I completely understand why people would accuse us of being a “scam” company.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still just as proud of our company as I’ve ever been. I sincerely believe that we offer a unique and extremely valuable service, that our customers truly appreciate what we do for them and we’re certainly not a scam.

But I can understand the confusion – let me explain what’s going on…

1. 95% Of Complaints Are Not Our Customers.

The majority of comments come from our ads we use to promote our product. And the complaints from actual paying customers are extremely rare, quickly resolved and are normally related to support issues common with any software products, not deceptive business practices.

2. Horrible Previous Experiences With Similar Products…

Our software is designed to speed up slow computers by diagnosing and automatically repairing problems in the registry. There are a lot of companies out there masquerading as “registry cleaners” that don’t really fix anything at all and load your computer up with malware, adware and viruses.

They use the allure of a “faster PC” to trick unsuspecting people into downloading software that actually harms people’s computers.

This is the exact type of problem that we solve. Our product actually DOES work as advertised. And there’s ZERO malicious software installed.

In fact, our product was designed to solve the problems caused by these malicious programs. But because our software actually improves PC performance, people assume we’re just like the deceptive products they’ve seen in the past – products that forge scan reports, distribute malware and are designed to cause problems, not solve them.

Our product solves problems, and our customers send us amazing feedback daily.

SpeedFixTool isn’t like other “PC cleaner” products, but we can’t blame people who’ve been burned in the past for believing otherwise.

In our defense, these complaints are coming from people making assumptions about our company – not our users.

3. ScamAdvisor Is Deceptive To Consumers.

The rating they give isn’t based on user feedback. It’s based on…

  • Age Of Domain – We’re a relatively new company. Our domain name is right at a year old. Just because you’re a new company doesn’t mean your scam. ALL companies are new at some point.Location Of Company – Basically if you’re not in the U.S. or 2-3 other countries, you’re automatically penalized. There are many great companies who aren’t based in the U.S.

So if you’re a new company, and you’re not based in the U.S. – you’re automatically given a low trust rating. It’s based on factors that have nothing to do with the quality of your product or integrity of your company, simply assumptions based on factors that have nothing to do with the operations of your company.

If we wanted to be deceptive, it’d be easy to purchase an aged domain and register it in the U.S. But we’re transparent in everything that we do – the simple fact is that ScamAvisor punishes companies for being open and honest.

4. People Think Paying For A Product Is A “Scam”.

Many of our complaints are “they want you to pay for it”.

We may have accidentally mislead customers with our initial launch ads. The “analyzer tool” is a free download. The repair tool is paid. This may have confused some readers, however we wanted to let people see the improvements they could expect before deciding to try the paid software.

We keep it as affordable as possible ($39.95 – sometimes discounted to $29.95).

Sure, there are similar products out there that are “free”. Nothing’s free… Many of them install adware to make money. Others sell your browsing, data and buying habits.

And we’ve put our product head-to-head with some of the most popular competitors software out there, both free and paid – in many cases our software fixes issues that the more well known products can’t – because our product uses a completely different (and often much more effective) approach to repairing and improving PC performance.

We price it as affordably as possible. It’s a one-time payment and there’s no hidden charges.

We also have a full, no-questions asked 30-day guarantee money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply request a refund and your money will be returned within 24-hours.

You WON’T find any customers who’ve complained about any hassles getting a refund. It’s as easy as sending a quick email

5. Our Customer Support Is The Best In The Industry.

100% of support emails are promptly replied to, usually within an hour. Never longer than 24-hours. Every single request gets personal, one-on-one attention to answer any and all questions that you may have – that applies to both paid customers and free-trial subscribers.

6. Our Product Works, Our Customers Love Us And We Can Prove It…

We get feedback like this countless times every day. We have a 96% customer satisfaction rate, and our product helps to solve problems that nothing else on the market can do.

The “Speed Up Your PC” software industry has a bad reputation, and rightly so. We made it our mission to create a tool that actually works as advertised, is affordable and dramatically improves PC performance and speed – without malware, spyware, viruses or creating problems instead of fixing them.

We mistakenly expected the quality of the product to speak for itself. We were caught off-guard by the barrage of negative comments, preconceived notions and misguided accusations based on assumptions from previous experiences.

Luckily, our product IS speaking for itself. And our satisfied customers are helping to spread the word that SpeedFixTool isn’t a “Scam” – it’s a technological breakthrough that improves speed and performance in ways never before possible.

Myself and my team have worked for years on this product. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished and what we plan to accomplish in the future.

We’re incredibly grateful for our thousands of wonderful customers, and we’re passionate about our work and the feeling of knowing our product truly helps so many people gives us all a great sense of purpose in our work.

We’re not just coding software. We’re helping people to save time and money, to work faster and eliminate headaches caused by slower computers – and we’re revolutionizing an entire industry.

Our team’s mission, hard work, dedication and passion for creating solutions to problems faced by millions of people is far too important to allow them to be accused of being scammers or to allow these misguided accusations go unanswered.

We can understand the assumptions and the accusations. But it’s not fair to us, our customers and those we’ll help in the future to not make it clear in no uncertain terms – these accusations are wrong.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team, our product or our users, and we’ll do whatever we need to in order to overcome allegations that misrepresent our company and our mission – and we’ll continue to provide a much needed (and appreciated) service to our customers for years to come.

Thank you.