How to defrag your PC using disk defragmenter?

Now that we understand that it is recommended for windows XP to perform manual defragging using its in-built disk defragmenter, we must also see how to defrag your computer. Make sure you close all programs before defragging your machine. You must not be using your computer at all while defragging. So, attempt to defrag your computer when it is idle.

How to open disk defragmenter?

There are different ways to access disk defragmenter in Windows XP.

1. Open start. Type the words “defragmenter” or simply “disk” in search box. Click “disk defragmenter” among the options that appear on the top.

2. Click start, go to accessories, then system tools and click disk defragmenter.

3. Alternatively, you can open “My computer.” Right click on the drive you want to defrag. Click properties. On the tools tab, you will see “Check now” and “Defragment now.” You can click on “Check now” to undertake error checking. It will open the scandisk tool for you and check errors on the drive. To defrag your hard drive, click on “Defragment now.”

What to do when disk defragmenter opens?

After opening defragmenter, you will see drives listed in the top window pane. Only the drives which can be defragmented are shown. Select any one of them to defrag. You can analyze your drive, see the report or simply start defragging manually by clicking on “defragment.” You need to analyze your disk before deciding to defragment. It tells you whether that particular drive needs defragmentation or not.

Since the program is all about arranging files on your drive, make sure you close all programs and no file is being accessed during the process. Otherwise, it may not be able to move or work on them. You may think about the time it takes to defragment, right? It actually depends on the size of the hard drive and the percentage of fragmentation on it.

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