Digital Camera drivers: How to install or update?

In this age of technology, everything is done using computers. Even the cameras we use are digital now. These digital cameras are based on an easy plug and play mechanism and are basically classified as plug and play devices. Digital camera drivers are needed to make them work. To put it simple, the digital camera drivers are similar to the real life drivers. You can’t make a car run without someone driving it. Usually, these drivers come with the operating system packages. Or if not, you can easily download them free of cost through the internet.

How to update/ Install Digital Camera drivers?

You just need to connect the digital camera to the computer using a data cable. Then, the hardware detection software will automatically install the digital camera driver for it to work. But, there are some cases in which the drivers do not match the digital camera or the driver is not listed. In any of these cases, you need to:

1. Open ‘Device Manager’ by following the path as follows:

• For Windows XP or earlier: ‘Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager’.
• For Windows 7/ Vista: Simply type ‘Device Manager’ in the search bar located in the ‘Start Menu’.

2. When the Device Manager opens, find the camera version you connected or just click on the ‘Imaging Devices’ from the list of devices installed. Check if the digital camera you connected is working or not. If not, then there will be a yellow sign with an exclamation mark on it. This means that the driver for the digital camera you connected cannot be found.

3. If you double click on the device, a window will open. Under “General” tab, you will find “This device is working properly” written. If not, then click on the device, the driver name will be shown. Simply copy the driver name by selecting the text of the name and pressing “Ctrl+C.” Then search on internet to download the required driver and run/install it. The Digital Camera you connected will work this time.

Now that your digital camera drivers are updated, copy the pictures from your digital camera device and share them with your friends.

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