DLL error: What is it and how to fix?

DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) provide much of the functionality of the operating system. Each DLL on your computer is programmed to perform a single small task. An error in a DLL may lead to non-functioning of sub-programs of the operating system of your computer. DLL errors might occur due to unregistered, removed, detached, corrupted or a shared DLL file. It usually occurs due to uninstalling of a program from the computer. Whenever you uninstall a program, that program takes a DLL with it when in fact that particular DLL is needed by another part of operating system. DLL errors may also occur if a virus infects your computer. For your computer to perform efficiently, fixing of the DLL error is necessary.

How do I know that my PC is having DLL error?

The most common symptoms of the DLL errors include boot up errors, lockups, pop up error messages, shut down errors, computer getting hanged frequently, and problem opening documents or folders.

How to fix DLL error?

DLL errors can be easily fixed by substituting the damaged DLL file with a new DLL and then getting the new file registered in the Windows Registry. If the DLLs are associated with the problem in an individual program, then re-installing the program solves the problem because the DLL file is also re-installed along with the program. Furthermore, the System Restore task is also helpful in eradicating your computer of the DLL errors. If you have an Antivirus program, then run it on a daily basis as a simple scan often gives away the source of DLL errors in no time and also eliminates it.

If all of the above solutions do not work for you, then you can download the DLL repair tool from internet and get the DLL errors removed through the scan process.

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