File Extension RAR

The RAR file extension is combined with the native format of the WinRAR file archiver.

Files in the RAR file extension contain information which are stored in a single or even more compressed files. When you have downloaded a file in the .rar file extension from the web, the contents need to be unpacked for this to be used.

The RAR file extension was created by Eugene Roshal, and is really a format for archive files licensed by WinRAR GmbH.

Files in the RAR file extension has support for error recovery, data compression, in addition to file spanning.

The WinRAR program has complete support for files in the .rar file extension. This software can be used to unpack and create files in the .rar file extension. If WinRAR is installed in your personal computer, a downloaded file in the.rar file extension may be double clicked, and WinRAR will automatically extract the selected file.

Some files with the.rar file extension may have parts of multivolume sequences. WinRAR may be used to divide big archives to less smaller files referred to as volumes.

It might have theRAR file extension(as the very first volume), and the succeeding volume can have file extensions in,.r01 or.part1.rar, part2.rar, an such like.

If volumes have to be unpacked, they can all be put in exactly the same folder, and extraction can be were only available in the very first volume.

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