How to fix printer problems or printer driver issues?

You sent the command to your printer to print your document and waited for it to be printed. But the paper never came out. Don’t panic! There can be several printer problems that you can come across. They can be due to:

• Improper connection of cables
• Problematic wireless adapters and its settings
• Printer drivers’ incompatibility
• Missing printer updates

This article is going to tell you how to fix printer problems whether it is as simple as checking your cable or as complex as installing or updating printer drivers.

How to fix printer problems?

You can choose to fix printer problems automatically; however, if you choose to do it manually, then you are required to follow this tutorial step by step to get rid of printer problems. Do the first step first. If the problem still persists, move on to the second one and so on.

1. Check whether your printer has access to electricity or not. Check the power.
2. Check whether all the cables are connected properly or not especially the one connected to the PC.
3. Use printing troubleshooter to troubleshoot for any possible errors you might not even think of. Troubleshooter scans and fixes some printer problems by itself.

Printer driver issue

If none of the above steps work, it is probably an issue with the printer driver. A printer driver is the one which is responsible for establishing communication between your computer and printer. This communication can be disrupted if the driver is damaged, incompatible, or outdated. They can be damaged or become incompatible either due to viruses, malware, windows upgrades, or power outages which leads to random computer boot ups. As a consequence, you might lose important information regarding proper working of current printer drivers. You can solve printer driver issues by installing latest printer drivers which are compatible with your windows.

a. You can look for potential printer driver updates in windows update. By choosing to install those updates, your printer driver will automatically be updated.

b. You can choose to insert any installation disc that might have come with your printer or your computer. You can also buy such a CD from your nearby shop which has the required driver.

c. You can go to the printer’s manufacturer’s website to install required printer driver.
These steps are illustrated in detail in the blog “how to install/ update drivers?

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