How exactly to Clean up Windows

A few of the assembled in functionality in Windows is over rated.

The Disk CleanUp does a great job of getting rid of the rubbish you may not need, for example, Microsoft Office Temp Files and other old Malfunction Files taking up space. Instructions to run Disk CleanUp:

  • Go to My Computer and do a right click of the mouse on the disk drive that has Widows OS is installed on, then click on Properties. Under that general tab you will see a Disk Cleanup button.
  • Click the Clean Up button and the Program will evaluate of your computer. It will get rid of the Downloaded Program Files, Temp Internet Files, Offline Web Pages, Microsoft Error Reporting Temp Files, Recycle Bin,Temporary Files, Web Client/ Publisher Temporary Files, Offline Files, Temporary Offline Files, as well as Catalog Files for this Content Indexer without any harmful effects.

This can improve your computer speed as well as give far better performance that is what all of us like in our computers.

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