JavaScript error: Why it occurs and how to fix?

JavaScript is a language used to write and show text and images on a webpage. JavaScript runs on all browsers; however, one may encounter an error called JavaScript error. JavaScript errors are shown by a small yellow triangle like icon in the popup bar.

Causes of JavaScript error

There are several reasons for JavaScript error to happen:
1. JavaScript code may not be written accurately.

2. There can be web server problems due to which your browser may not get the complete code.

3. Your browser may have stored outdated files of JavaScript, CSS, or HTML in its cache.

4. Improper installation of a program relying too much on JavaScript.

5. Java applets, ActiveX controls, or Active scripting maybe blocked. Programs like antivirus or a firewall maybe configured to block them.

How to fix JavaScript error?

There are many measures to fix JavaScript error:
1. Verify that the webpage or your computer has a problem by opening the webpage in other computers. If the problem persists, then the problem is with the webpage, not your PC.

2. See if you configured to block Java applets, ActiveX controls, or Active scripting. It can help to reset your browser to default settings.

3. Check your antivirus program if it scans your temporary internet files folder and downloaded program files or not? It shouldn’t be.

4. Turn off features that you don’t use that might be interfering with Java scripting, for instance, smooth scrolling. To do this, go to tools> internet options> advanced and then scroll down and uncheck “use smooth scrolling.”

5. Install and use the latest DirectX version from Microsoft’s website which will improve the performance of your operating system.

6. Delete all temporary files and cookies. Go to tools and then internet options. Under “browsing history” pane, click delete. A dialog box will open. Check all the boxes and click “delete.” Then click Ok.

7. Repair and update your scripting engine by installing the latest version at Microsoft.

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