Object error: What is it and how to fix?

What is an object error?

An object error is the result of a program which is missing or a program which is contorted. It includes toolbars and Ad-ons of your internet browser. When you open some web pages, a popup may appear that says “object errors.” There may also be an option that says ‘OK’ but when you click it, nothing happens. And when you want to close the pop up, that sign may freeze your computer. There is just some infiltration in your computer which keeps sending these objects.


It is recommended that you scan your computer completely whenever you download any software or any program from the web because there is sometimes infiltration that may affect your computer when entered in your computer system. These object errors are supposed to affect your computer in a bad way such as it may slow down your PC, or shut down your computer unannounced.

How to fix object error?

Depending on whether you want to fix program related or browser related object error, you can fix it by two popular methods.

a. If error is in browser: In internet explorer 8, go to tools and select manage add-ons. Select the troubling toolbar in the “toolbars and extensions” tab and click “disable.” Keep doing this until you get rid of all toolbars that you feel might be the cause of object errors.

b. If you think the object error occurred only after installing a particular program, you may either repair or uninstall the program. To repair a program, go to start and open control panel. Click “programs” and then “program features.” You must repair every program that you think is the cause of object error. Click on the particular program and a set of options will appear on the toolbar above. Click “repair.” If you are not given the option of repairing, you may want to uninstall the program. To do this, click on uninstall/change. Then follow the steps as they appear in prompts and re-install the program from a storage device or online website. After you are done repairing or uninstalling, reboot your computer.

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