Optimize Windows for better performance: Part 2

In the blog “Optimize Windows for better performance: Part 1”, we discussed few actions you can take on your operating system for better speed and performance of your PC. In this blog, There are few more things you can do that will optimize Windows for better performance and are going to heal your computer’s slowing down.

Note: This blog primarily deals with optimization in windows 7; however, it applies to all versions of windows. The program-accessing steps might somewhat be different but the actions performed to optimize windows for better performance are same for all versions.

Actions you can take to optimize Windows for better performance

Defrag your hard disk

Defragmenting involves rearranging the fragments on your hard drive so that whenever you open a file or program, it is easy and quick for your hard drive to open the file. Fragmentation causes inefficiency and your hard disk takes time to gather scattered fragments of a file or a program. You must do this for better performance. Your system is designed to perform defragmenting automatically; however, you must manually check whether it is doing so or not. You can defrag your hard drives easily.

Cleaning hard disk

There are different unnecessary files on your hard disk that should be deleted to free up disk space and improve your computer’s speed. Those files are no longer needed. “Disk cleanup utility” will perform clean up for you. To do this:
1. Go to start and type “Disk cleanup” in search field. Click on it when it appears at the top.
2. You will be prompted to select the hard drive you want to clean. Select and click OK. It will tell you which files you need to cleanup which will result in how much of free disk space. You can read the description of the files below when you click on them. Click OK to complete the process.

To know and understand the steps in detail and what more you can do with disk cleanup utility, read how to delete files using disk cleanup.

Avoid too much Multi tasking

Show mercy on your computer and run few programs at a time. Do not have:

1. More than one antivirus software running
2. Unnecessary browser tabs opened
3. Running chat messenger while you are not using it
4. Too many programs running at the same time without you using each one of them

All these actions slow down your PC. To optimize Windows for better performance, you must visit “Action center” to see important messages related to computer’s security and maintenance. Make sure you resolve PC issues as the top-priority task.


Restarting can also help to speed up your computer as it shuts down all the errant processes, services, and programs running in the background without you even knowing of it. If you feel you cannot restart as you have lots of programs opened, then it is the exact point you really need to restart. All those programs and processes are slowing your computer down. It is good to restart your computer once in a week.

Read more tips to optimize windows for better performance and make your computer run faster like never before.

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