Optimize Windows for better performance: Part 1

If your computer has slowed down and its performance has deteriorated, read different steps to optimize Windows for better performance that you can take yourself before deciding to reinstall windows, change hardware, increase RAM, or sell your computer or laptop.

Note: This blog primarily deals with optimization in windows 7; however, it applies to all versions of windows. The program-accessing steps might somewhat be different but the actions performed to optimize windows for better performance are same for all versions.

Actions you can take to optimize Windows for better performance

Performance troubleshooter

This helps you to find and fix performance issues in your computer automatically. To do this:
1. Go to start and click “Control panel.” Look for and click on “Troubleshooting.”
2. When troubleshooting windows opens, click “Check for performance issues” under “System and security.”
3. Windows will automatically find and prompt you to fix identified issues. If any issue is found, click on “try these repairs as an administrator.”

Get rid of programs you never use

There are certain programs in your computer that you installed yourself; however, there are many programs that are manufacturer-installed. They came with the service pack your operating system has and now that their free trial is over, they are still residing and taking up valuable memory space in your RAM. To enhance your computer’s speed and performance, simply delete or uninstall all those programs that you don’t use. To do this:

1. Go to start> Control panel> Programs and Features.
2. Navigate through the list and right click and uninstall all those programs you don’t use. For instance, uninstall Torrent if you don’t download movies or delete hotspot shield if you don’t want to access blocked websites.

Control the number of startup programs

There are programs that start automatically when your computer starts up. They run in the background and open easily and readily should you access them. This is good only for those programs you use a lot. What about the ones you don’t use much yet they become the cause of computer’s slow startup? You can see the startup programs in the notification area in the taskbar; however, they may not contain all of them. You can download “autorun for windows programs” to see which programs are running automatically at startup. To manage the startup programs:

1. Go to start and type “system configuration” in the search field. Click on it when it appears in the start menu. Or press “Windows+R” keys together, type “msconfig” and then Press OK.
2. Click on the tab “startup” and either click “disable all” to disable all programs or disable one or more by unchecking the boxes beside each one of them.

You must have noticed better speed and performance by now. But you must read more tips to optimize windows for better performance and make your computer run faster like never before.

8 thoughts on “Optimize Windows for better performance: Part 1

  1. Esther

    yes one can download the program but you have to buy the product for it to fix your computer, what good is it if you can just download the program it tells you what your computer needs to run faster/better an then you don’t have the funds to “buy” the product? Wow what a solution for EVERYONE!!!

  2. Col.Krishna Venkataram

    Thank You very much for the kind help. HOWEVER, I confess at my age,74, to me computers are frightening things that make me feel so small ,so utterly helpless , so utterly illiterate .I think I have managed to download your package,but how to install it is another ball-game and I am flummoxed.
    I hope I can find some one, one of those geniuses called a teenager, who will be kind enough to help me out. Thank U.



  4. Darlene Peters

    I have paid for the program and have my Speed Tool License # and can`t find where to type it in—I`m lost???

    1. fastagain Post author

      Hi Darlene,

      To activate SpeedFixTool, follow the below steps:

      1. Launch SpeedFixTool.
      2. Click Register Now button at the bottom of the menu on the left pane.
      3. When prompted, copy your license key, along with the hyphens and paste it to the license field. (IMPORTANT: avoid typing the key manually, copy and paste it instead!)
      4. Click the Activate Now button as shown in the image below.

      Activation Image

      Kindly let us know if it goes well. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you have any other queries or concerns.

      Thank you,
      SpeedFixTool Support


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