Outlook express error: What is it and how to fix?

“A time-out occurred while communicating with the server 0x800ccc19.”

You may also have encountered this or other type of error messages while sending or receiving email in outlook express. The error that occurs due to poor connection with email server are called Outlook express error.

Why outlook express error occurs?

There are several reasons for these errors for example:
a. You are not connected to the internet,
b. There is problem with your email account,
c. Access is blocked by antivirus or firewall program,
d. Incorrect account settings,
e. Damaged e-mail message on telecom’s mail service,
f. Removed outlook from the computer,
g. Damaged installation,
h. Mail server temporarily unavailable, and
i. If there is damaged user profile in outlook.

Outlook express errors may occur when you try to open outlook express or try to send an email. You must be glad to know that some of these errors can be resolved easily. Remember that when you are going to resolve the error, check network or internet connection and make sure your antivirus is running. Also, delete the unnecessary emails.

How to fix Outlook express error?

Before repair, make sure that only outlook express and internet browser is open. Close all the other programs after saving the data you were working on. Steps to fix these problems are given below:

1. Press the “start” icon and alphabet key “r” simultaneously on your keyboard. A prompt window will appear where you write “control panel” and then click “OK”.

2. You will see “view by” in the corner of the window. Click it and choose either “large icons” or “small icons”.

3. After this, look for the “mail” icon and click it.

4. Then, a prompt box will appear. Under “when starting Microsoft office outlook, use this profile”, check the box titled “Prompt for a profile to be used” and click “OK.”

5. It will ask for the profile name. Give your desired name and click “OK”.

6. Fill in the desired username, email address, and password fields.

7. After filling in the required information, click “next”.

After your account is configured, you will be able to send and receive the messages without any error.

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