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Update modem drivers: What is it and How to do it?

Most people connect to internet through cable modems, DSL, or fiber optics. No matter what type of modem you use, they all do modulation and demodulation. This is why modem is also called “modulator-demodulator”. Modem acts as a translator so that signals from your computer can travel over phone lines. It’s analogous to two people wanting to talk and having uncommon language. They will definitely need a translator. Translator knows …Read More

How to fix printer problems or printer driver issues?

You sent the command to your printer to print your document and waited for it to be printed. But the paper never came out. Don’t panic! There can be several printer problems that you can come across. They can be due to: • Improper connection of cables • Problematic wireless adapters and its settings • Printer drivers’ incompatibility • Missing printer updates This article is going to tell you how …Read More

How to install/ update drivers?

Drivers need to be updated to match the improved performance and interoperability of hardware devices. You can update or install driver software manually from installation CD or external storage device. You can also check available windows updates, important as well as optional, to look for driver update. These things along with other ways to update drivers are given below. You can follow the steps below to update drivers. 1. For …Read More

Network adapter driver issue: How to resolve?

Network adapter lets you connect to the internet. If you are unable to use internet, there might be different problems with network e. One of them is missing or outdated network adapter driver. Before jumping to conclusion that your network adapter driver is missing, you must go for troubleshooting. If there are no other issues, then it is driver issue definitely. How to fix network adapter driver issue? Drivers need …Read More

Bluetooth device driver: What is it and how to install/ update?

What is Bluetooth device driver? Bluetooth device driver is a type of software which helps your operating system to connect with your Bluetooth device easily. Like other drivers, this driver needs to be upgraded very often with the advancing technology. They are very specific when it comes to different types of Bluetooth devices. For every new version of Windows, there would be different Bluetooth device driver needed in it. In …Read More

Digital Camera drivers: How to install or update?

In this age of technology, everything is done using computers. Even the cameras we use are digital now. These digital cameras are based on an easy plug and play mechanism and are basically classified as plug and play devices. Digital camera drivers are needed to make them work. To put it simple, the digital camera drivers are similar to the real life drivers. You can’t make a car run without …Read More

Remove Polymorphic Virus: How to do it?

We read and understood what polymorphic virus is and what does it do in the previous blog. We also found that “Windows restore” is one of the options we have to remove polymorphous virus. In this blog, we will see how we can perform Windows restore successfully. Few things to know about Windows restore before we move on Novice people may not be comfortable with the idea of restoration to …Read More

Polymorphic Virus: What is it and what it does?

Polymorphic virus, as the term indicates, is the virus that takes many forms. Poly means “many” and morph means “forms.” It keeps changing its form every time it infects a file. It does so to avoid being detected at all. Typical symptoms that you will notice your system exhibits will be: • Computer slowing down, crashing, or freezing • Random error messages popping up • Irrelevant dialog boxes showing up …Read More

Resident virus: What is it and how to remove it?

A resident virus, as the name suggests, is a type of virus that resides in the Random access memory (RAM) of your computer. Every time you open a certain program or a file, resident virus gets activated. It will spread throughout the system through programs that are running. When users multitask and run several programs at the same time, the resident virus infects all those programs if activated. For instance, …Read More

System Progressive Virus: What is it and How to remove it?

System progressive virus acts like a legitimate antivirus software finding and notifying fake viruses which do not even exist in your system. You might think they do and take a step further to download whatever program system progressive virus is asking you to download. It claims to rid your system from all kinds of identified viruses and clean it. But actually it wants access to any confidential information it aims …Read More