Print spooler error: What is it and how to fix?

When you give your computer a print command, it keeps all those files to be printed in a print spooler service. It then sends those files one by one to the printer for printing; however, you will experience printing problems if this service gets corrupted or damaged. In the midst accessing the printer, you might have received print spooler error. Sometimes, it might not be the print spooler error but other errors like:

• No paper in the tray
• Printer not connected properly
• Sending too many printing commands continuously

Check all these errors. Restart your computer and re-print. If they are still not resolved, then it’s high time that you stop and then restart your print spooler service. You must resolve print spooler error first.

How to fix print spooler error?

Follow the steps below to fix print spooler error:
1. Press start key and alphabet key “R” simultaneously on the keyboard. A dialog box will open.

2. Type “services.msc.”

3. Locate “print spooler” and right click on it. Click “stop” from the popup menu and minimize the window.

4. Now open start and click computer.

5. Double click to open Local Disk (C:). Go to “windows” and open the folder “system 32.”

6. Navigate through the folder and locate “spool.” Double click on the folder to open.

7. You will see different folders listed. Find “Printers” and double click on it.

8. It might prompt you to seek permission first. A dialog box will appear that says “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder. Click continue to permanently get access to this folder.” Click “continue.”

9. You will see all the printing jobs listed in this folder. Select all these jobs by pressing “CTRL+A.” Press “delete” key from the keyboard.

10. Now open the services windows back that you minimized earlier. Right click on “print spooler” and select “start.”

11. Reopen your files and send print commands again. Happy printing!

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