Remove Polymorphic Virus: How to do it?

We read and understood what polymorphic virus is and what does it do in the previous blog. We also found that “Windows restore” is one of the options we have to remove polymorphous virus. In this blog, we will see how we can perform Windows restore successfully.

Few things to know about Windows restore before we move on

Novice people may not be comfortable with the idea of restoration to remove polymorphic virus. Let us clear few points:

1. Windows restore utility deals with windows system files, registry files, and windows programs only. It doesn’t touch, restore, remove or delete your personal files, photos, songs, documents, emails, or the like. This also implies that you cannot bring back your deleted files by restoration.

2. If you are unable to run windows restore from control panel, you can choose to do that from an installation disc. Make sure it is for the version of operating system you have.

3. This will remove polymorphic virus for you. You can select the restore point of the date that comes before the installation of polymorphic virus.

3. Check FAQs related to windows restore before you move on.

How to perform Windows restore to remove polymorphic virus?

1. Click-open the Windows Icon on the bottom left corner of your computer screen. In the search field, type “system restore.”

2. Click on “system restore” at the top of start menu.

3. Click “next.”

4. Choose the desired restore point from the list of restore points that appear. Make sure you guess it right. Keep in mind when the problem started or when the virus attacked your computer. Choose any date before that.

Note: You can also access System restore FAQs by clicking on the link “Is this process reversible?”

Note: If you check the box “show more restore points”, you will have more options. You can also scan your computer for affected programs by clicking on “scan for affected programs.”

5. Click Next. Now click “finish.” Wait for the process to be finished and Windows to reboot automatically.
Congratulations! Your drive has been restored and virus has been removed.

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