How to Remove Trojan virus manually?

Trojan viruses pretend to be innocent, harmless, and legal applications when they are actually not. They may come in the form of a program, toolbar, or an application. When downloaded into your computer, they may cause serious problems like stealing your confidential information, or deleting important files. They may come by clicking unknown links, spam emails and the likes. Remove Trojan virus as soon as you feel it is affecting your computer.

How to remove Trojan virus manually?

Follow these simple steps to remove Trojan virus:

1. Disable “System restore” and delete “restore points” for a while. It might help not to recover Trojan virus in case of any restoration. Trojan viruses infect your system restore points as well. To do this:

• Go to start and right click on “computer.” From the popup menu, select properties.
• Click on “system protection.” Under protection settings, you will see various drives listed along with their protection status. You have to highlight the drive whose protection is “on” and click “configure.”
• Check “Turn off system protection.”

2. Restart your computer and press F2 to enter setup as soon as black screen appears. Then press F8 to enter advanced options menu. Navigate through the options by using up and down arrows on the keyboard. Choose either “safe mode” or “safe mode with networking” and press enter. Don’t mind large fonts and unusual appearance. That’s normal.

Note: For Windows system other than Windows 8, check the message on the bottom of the screen when windows boot to enter safe mode. You must see that to know how to enter BIOS setup utility.

3. Now, go to start. Open control panel. Click “programs and features.” A window opens where you can uninstall or change a program. Look for the programs that you don’t remember installing or the ones that you don’t need at all. You don’t even know their purpose. Delete those programs by right clicking on them and select “uninstall.”

Important: If the problem still persists, download a free antivirus program either from internet or through an external storage device.

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