How to remove viruses manually?

When your computer starts behaving abnormally, you might think some deadly virus may have intruded. You may jump into the conclusion that you must reinstall your windows. But wait! It might be a single virus that you can easily remove. You can remove it manually or by installing antivirus software. Find out here what can viruses do and what can you do to remove viruses.

Symptoms that your computer is struck by virus

• Your computer is very slow.
• Files like “autorun” maybe created and distributed at various places in your PC. You try to delete them but they reappear.
• You cannot install antivirus software or an installation error occurs.
• Irrelevant pop-ups appear.

Keep in mind that these symptoms can be of some other disease as well. If you know the virus’s name, that’s another case, however, if your computer is slow for instance, it might be the problem of PC optimization. But it’s always recommended to scan your system for viruses.

How to remove viruses if you know the virus’s name?

There are two cases. One in which you know what the virus is and second, you don’t know the specific virus yet it is affecting your system and not even letting you download antivirus program. We are going to talk about the first one.

1. Tackling viruses is not a child’s play. So, before doing anything, most important thing is to backup all your important files in an external storage device like USB flash drive or a hard drive.

2. Restart your computer and as soon as it restarts and something appears on your screen, press F8 key. (Press Fn key before F8 while using laptop).

3. Run your computer in “safe mode with networking.” This will start your computer in safe mode. Don’t worry with the appearance; you can perform all functions normally.

4. Now press start key and alphabet key “R” together. A dialog box will open.

5. Type “cmd” and click OK. In the command prompt, type “DEL virus name.” Virus name is used as an example. You will type the name of the virus you want to delete. Also remove quotation marks. Hit ENTER.

It will delete the particular virus in all places in your computer.

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