Runtime error: What is it and how to fix?

Runtime error, a hardware or software problem, prevents Internet Explorer from functioning properly. It is mostly generated due to conflicts with TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) programs or an issue with a running program. It can also be generated when the html code used by the website is not consistent with the web browser functionality. There are different runtime errors and each has a different solution. Many runtime error messages suggest you to debug the webpage but since this kind of error message does not apply to you, it can be averted from showing up.

How to fix runtime error?

1. Go to tools and click internet options.
2. When the dialog box of internet options opens, get on advanced tab.
3. Check the boxes titled “Disable script debugging (Other)” and “Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)” and uncheck “Display a notification about every script error.”
4. Click “Ok.”

Has runtime error resolved?

For checking whether the problem is fixed, refresh that webpage in which the error occurred. If the website functions properly and no runtime error message appears this time, then you are done. But still a notification might show up in the status bar of your Internet Explorer about the error. Nevertheless, you can ignore it.

On the other hand, if the website does not function properly or the runtime error messages still show up, then the website itself might have the problem. To check this, access this website from another computer or log on as another user. If the website functions properly this time, then the problem maybe with your Internet Explorer Configuration. But if the webpage does not display properly even now, then the problem is surely with the website itself. So if you need to get the webpage or the website fixed, you would have to ask its owner.

Note: If your computer has multiple users, then you require logging on as all the other users and repeating the steps for checking whether the problem has been fixed. If you are not using the computer that is having the error, you can save the automatic fix to a Compact Disk, after which you can run it on the computer that is having the error.

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