Slow Windows Startup: Why is it and How to Fix?

You switched your computer on and then waited so long to begin operating it. You must have experienced programs taking time to load in memory, getting frequent system error messages, and getting your computer literally stuck while starting. If these are the symptoms, then problem is slow windows startup.

First you must understand that a slow computer startup process and computer’s overall slow functioning are two different things. You may notice your computer takes time to start up before you can finally begin your operations. This is what we call slow windows startup. It happens because of various reasons yet diverse remedies are also available.

Reasons for slow windows startup

  • Too many startup programs are waiting in the queue at the system boot.
  • Startup delay is caused by system configuration errors.

How to fix slow computer startup?

You can disable startup programs which you don’t often use as it will reduce boot time and give windows an opportunity to start up faster. You can remove Terminate-and-Stay-Resident (TSR) programs from loading up automatically as windows starts. The process depends on the version of windows you have. The processes are more or less like one of these:

1. Open start, click programs and then startup. Right click the file you wish not to start automatically and click delete. You may find that particular program in system registry or system configuration utility. Editing system registry comes with potential risks so you need to understand registry processes well before doing anything on it.

2. Open start and type the words “system” or “configuration” or both in the search box. Click system configuration from the programs that appear on the top. Or open run and type msconfig. When the tool opens, uncheck the programs you wish to remove from automatic startup under the tab “startup.”

3. You can also reduce waiting time before boot. On the system configuration tool, click the tab “boot” and change the timeout from 30 seconds to 4 seconds. You should opt for 5 to 10 seconds in case you have more than one operating system.

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