Symantec Antivirus

Though every operating system comes with its definition of security, incorporated with safety features, you need to depend on third party applications to be sure that your computer is free of viruses and other malware that might be potentially dangerous to your files, your computer and much more significantly, your personal identity.

Many developers like Symantec Corporation concentrate on developing antivirus programs that removes viruses and Trojans from your personal computer.

Norton Antivirus, one of the more widely used applications, is really a product produced by Symantec Corporation for both Mac and Windows systems.

It has got the reputation of being probably the most used virus scanners till the very first 1/ 2 of 2007. Symantec has caused it to be for sale in the shape of a box product as well as empowered downloads this has led to the firm having a 61% market share of users over the UNITED STATES. Like any other virus scan package, it focuses on integrating malware firewall, protection and Internet security systems in the Norton Antivirus package.

While sold available in the market as a program, it enables the applications to be installed on five different computers with different licenses.

Symantec Antivirus has been thought to be one of the greatest virus scanners on the market due to the different characteristics that it provides its users. Despite the fact that it occupies more memory compared to the routine light virus scanners, it provides a myriad characteristics more. The malware protection is especially helpful to the Internet is browsed by people who a great deal.

Email spam filters and phishing protection will also be open to subscribed users. Despite all these characteristics, Symantec antivirus has lost its place on the market due to a plethora of technical defects. Though new releases of upgrades and virus definitions are regular, problems might be faced by you while attempting to upgrade your computer software due to glitches in the program.

Sometimes, individuals have discovered that it had been nearly impossible to migrate from Symantec antivirus to yet another product because some critical files were always left by its uninstall process on your desktop that conflicted with the installation of other virus scanners.

Further, the technical support team in certain states are either technically incompetent or demanded that the users perform a complete scan of the system for cash even though they will have the item installed.

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