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Windows Recovery|Restoration

Windows Restoration is a scareware which masquerades as a method efficiency optimisation device. Belonging to the FakeSysdef trojan family, it is available in several titles including Check Drive, HDD Defragmenter, Windows Mend, Windows Recover, Windows SafeMode, Windows Mend Drive and Windows Recovery. It uses an assortment of fake warning notifications about non – existent problems in pc hard drive, storage and Windows registry to cheat and attempt gullible users.

This rogue optimisation software disables Windows Process Supervisor and Fast release bar. It also covers All Applications, My Files and Management Tools menu things to frighten and mistake the sufferers.

After constant phony error messages, the device is forcibly restarted every few minutes. On reboot the software operates a check mechanically and reports finding of several mistakes. The back ground is blanked and the unclose – capable Windows Restoration window hogs the focus.

Leaner more about the Windows Recovery Virus here: http://www.malwarehelp.org