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Windows XP Freezes: Why does that occur?

When using Windows XP, there are several things which will lead to windows XP freezes. In this blog, we will explore what are the reasons behind windows XP freezing up.

Various reasons for why windows XP freezes?

The very first and most typical thing that causes the system to freeze is that the system has become old and no longer has the needed free memory to operate right.

Yet another reason that the operating system may freeze up is as the registry is becoming upset and too cluttered with years of use and mistreatment. The ultimate reason that Windows XP often freezes up is as a result of poor computer software, just like a virus, on the machine which is taking over.

The very first issue is that the machine has no longer work accurately and may become out of date. This frequently occurs if the applications of the machine has not been updated or if the service packs and drivers have not been updated. The very first thing to do is to make sure that the XP system has got the most current Service Pack as this is actually the most important thing.

Windows will put out large updates called Service Packs and will make certain that any security problems are fixed and that all of the system is set to operate the very best it may. Currently, WINDOWS 7 is on Service Pack 3, therefore if that is perhaps not the variation on the system please upgrade the XP system.

Yet another cause for why windows XP freezes is out of date drivers. Drivers are much like upgrades but are generally specified for computer software or hardware for the machine. As these programs an average of update all computer software and hardware of the equipment to be sure it will run as fast as it can. The simplest way to get this done would be to update the driver for hardware that isn’t working properly.

The following reason for windows XP freezes is as a result of registry. It is where all of the programs get installed and taken out. Registry is much like a filing cabinet. It will make in pretty bad shape of the filing cabinet which will eventually cause the computer to slow down and eventually freeze up once the files are moved around. If the computer has been employed for a long time and never cleaned it is better to download a registry cleaner or optimization tool to make certain that it is all clean and will run the best it can. Although registry is self sufficient and does not need a cleaner, still if you want to download a cleaner, make sure you download from trusted software publishers.

There are plenty of reasons why XP may freeze up that is why a good thing to repair freeze ups would be to avoid them. As advised many of the problems encountered that cause XP to freeze up are due to the effects of negligence on the system. Also have an up to date security program, in addition to an optimization program running to prevent XP freeze ups. Also, it is advisable to ensure because the latest versions of applications often have probably the most sophisticated optimization results on systems that all drivers are as much as date.