Update display drivers: How to do it?

While playing a video game or using a video application, your computer might freeze and end up showing desktop or a blue screen of death. You will probably get an error message stating that “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.” This is one the error messages you get when display driver stops working. There can be several issues with your display adaptor including display drivers issue. If you have run troubleshooter for all possible errors yet no error was found, you must need to update display drivers. Your computer may give reference to one of these driver files:

 ATI2DVAG.sys
 ATI2CQAG.dll
 ATIVPK.sys
 AMD2DVAG.sys
 AMDVPK.sys

How to update display drivers?

Installing, re-installing, or updating the driver can solve the driver issues. You can found this driver on the system installation CD and if you don’t have a CD, then you can download the same diver online. This will upgrade an outdated driver and may add correct manufacturer’s codes to achieve full video card functionality.

Before downloading a driver, follow these steps to ensure that you have downloaded a right driver.

1. Go to the start menu.
2. Then click on the control panel.
3. Click on the “Hardware” tab.
4. Go to the “Device Manager.”
5. Expand “sound, video and game controllers.” Under this, select the video card. Double click on it and note down the name of its manufacturer and make and model.

When you have you video manufacturer’s name and the model of a card, you can go to manufacturer’s website and find the latest driver for your display device under “support” or “downloads.”
You can also update display drivers by using “windows update” which will install driver updates if available and “device manager.” Check out “how to install/ update drivers?” for detailed instructions and more ways.

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