How to update drivers in Windows 7?

You might want to interact with devices like webcam, printers etc but you may come across some errors maybe because your computer drivers are not updated.

What are Drivers?

A driver is the software that instructs hardware how to interact with your computer. All such devices like printer, scanner, webcam, mp3 players, dvd cards, video cards need a specific driver to perform their function.

How to update drivers in Windows 7?

In order to update drivers in windows 7, tag along the following points:
1. Download the drivers for your hardware from the website of manufacturer.

2. Open the control panel.

3. Open device manager from control panel.

4. After opening the device manager, click on the hardware or device for which you want to update the driver.
Note: Click on the > icon on the side of each hardware category and look for hardware for which you want to update the driver.

5. After locating the specific hardware you want to update drivers for, right-click on it and select “Properties”.

6. Select “Driver” from the top bar and click on “Update Driver”.

7. When the wizard opens up, click on “Browse my computer for driver software.”

8. A next window will appear, click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” at the bottom of window.

9. When the next window appears, click on “Have Disk” option at the corner of window.

10. A “Install from Disk” window will appear, select “Browse” option.

11. Find the folder for Windows 7 inside the folder you extracted during the driver’s download process in the step 1.

12. Open the INF file from the list and select the “Open” button.

13. After selecting the file, the “Install from Disk” window will appear again, click on “Ok” button.

14. Select the newly added hardware in the text box and select the “Next >” button.

15. The Windows 7 Update Driver Software wizard will now start installing the updated drivers using the information provided in INF file.

16. If any other instructions appear on screen, follow them to complete the download.

17. Restart your computer when driver update is completed.

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