Update sound drivers: What is it and How to do it?

Sound driver is software which functions for sound system in your computer. Like every other hardware, there is a driver for sound system too. You might have experienced not hearing a single sound whenever you play something or keep the volume up to the maximum. At times, you might be able to hear a sound from your system but it seems like coming from very far away. If you really want your computer’s vocals to become strong, you need to have additional device, for instance speakers. And, for those speakers, you need to install software that will help them to communicate with the computer. You can update sound drivers if you have outdated or corrupt drivers in your system.

How should I know that I need to update sound drivers?

An audio device is also called sound card. A sound card driver helps the computer and device to communicate as they do not speak a common language. If you experience any of the problems given below, then you need to update sound drivers:

• Recordings are abnormal or interrupted.
• You are unable to hear a sound even if you have a driver.
• Your computer is restarting after crashing.
• Occurring of an error message whenever you try to play any recording.
• The sound is already in use.
• Output error regarding musical instrument digital interface is occurring.

These problems may occur due to delayed updating of audio drivers in your system. It is recommended that you update your drivers regularly in order to avoid any disruption with the sound system. The latest versions of operating systems are designed in a way that installs windows updates by itself which rectifies any driver update issues. But you must check your settings in case any problem persists.

You might receive certain error messages like the ones below:

“This device cannot start (Code 10).”
“Bad direct Sound driver. Error code 88780078.”
“The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).”

How to update sound drivers?

To update sound drivers, you can either do that manually as well as automatically through windows update or device manager. You can also download to update sound drivers from manufacturer’s website. For detailed steps and procedure, check out how to install/ update drivers?

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