update USB drivers: What is it and how to do it?

What are USB drivers?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. A USB driver is a bridge or a connection between upstream host and downstream devices. An upstream host may be your computer and a downstream device can be any of the peripheral devices such as printer, digital camera, mouse, gaming system, or zip drive. There is dire need to install or update USB drivers because it helps many devices to communicate with your computer.

Earlier, every peripheral device either needed to have a separate port in Central Processing unit (CPU) or a space inside it. To picture this in mind, imagine a printer having a separate port in CPU and modem residing inside the system. With the passage of time, this became a serious issue as space for them was running short. It was the need of the hour to invent new ways. Brainstorming sessions and hard research came up with the invention of USB.

It now replaces hundreds of ports and spaces with just one or two USB ports in your computer or laptop. It is a standard way for more than 120 different devices to get attached and communicate with your computer.

What issues can be occurred regarding USB drivers?

If there is any problem you are facing with respect to the devices attached to the computer through USB drivers, then it must be one of the following reasons behind:

• Outdated USB drivers
• Upgrading of windows operating system
• Corruption of USB drivers due to an attack of deadly virus which infected important files or a system crash

How to update USB drivers?

1. Go to start and type “device manager” in the search field in Windows 7. Click on it when it appears in the start menu. Other version of windows may have different pathway to approach Device manager. For Windows XP or earlier, you can go to control panel and find Device manager.

2. Expand “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and look for your desired drivers that you want to update or that needs to be updated.

3. Right click on the drivers and click “update driver’s software.” Update drivers software wizard will open. Follow the instructions thereon and update USB drivers.

For detailed steps, check out how to install/ update drivers?

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