update video card drivers: How to do it?

A hardware device responsible for connecting your monitor with computer by sending display information to the monitor is called a video card. There are different terms for video card. Some of them are video adapter, graphics card, display adapter, or graphics adapter. It is important to update video card driver as if they become obsolete, outdated, or damaged, then your video card will not function properly and you will experience display issues more often.

How to update video card drivers?

There are many things you can do to update video card drivers.

Turn automatic updating on

Your computer has default settings of installing automatic updates whenever windows updates are available. Your system notifies you to install them and if you keep delaying, it will start installing automatically. This is good for your system. This way you can make sure that your video card drivers are updated. In case, your computer doesn’t have automatic updating activated, you must check by:

1. Going to start> All programs> Windows update.

2. Going to “change settings” and choose “Install updates automatically (Recommended)” from the dropdown menu. You will receive latest video card driver updates.

3. Checking the box “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates” under “recommended settings” pane. Windows will give you all updated versions of video card drivers.

Windows update to check for drivers

Now that you turned automatic updating on, you can update video card driver through Windows update. You can check available updates by:

1. Going to start> All programs> Windows update.

2. Clicking “Check for updates.” You will see one or more important and optional updates. Click on them to see which updates are available.

3. Click “Install updates.” You might be prompted for permission or confirmation, click YES or type the password if need be.

Windows will update video card driver for you if available. For more ways, other than these, to update video card driver, check out how to install/ update driver?

For FAQs related to video cards and updating them, check out Video cards: frequently asked questions.

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