Windows update error: What is it and how to fix?

At times, we are prompted to install updates by Microsoft and we keep delaying until our computer starts installing updates automatically. It might bother you. At least it bothers me. But I understand that they are really important. They fix errors, bugs in the system, and bring in updated versions of windows files. You may be able to work with outdated version but there will come a time you’ll start facing problems in smooth running of Windows. Any error caused in smooth installation of windows update is called windows update error.

Note: It is a free service by Microsoft that installs useful updates to keep your computer safe and healthy.

Why windows update error occurs?

Windows update errors might occur due to any one the following:
1. Programs interfering with internet connection
2. Resource problems
3. Errors in database
4. Soaring Internet activity

Types of Windows update errors:

You might experience Windows update errors having a code. The errors may have different types including, but not limited to, the following:
1. 0x80070008
2. 0x800705B4
3. 0x8007000E
4. 0x80072EE2
5. 0x80072EFD
6. 0x80072EE7
7. 0x80072EEF
8. Error: Windows failed to start

There might be some errors without codes. Plus you may face other issues while installing updates that can be resolved by using Microsoft’s “Fix it for me” tool, for instance, for temporary connection-related errors.

How to fix Microsoft’s Windows update issues?

To resolve windows update errors, read the steps below:

1. Go to Microsoft’s Fix Windows update issues page. You will see two major sections. If you want an automatic fix, you may go for Windows Update Automated Troubleshooter and run it. It will find and fix the errors for you.

2. If you want to fix the error yourself, you may expand the relevant section of the version of Windows you use and locate the particular error or problem. Click on the appropriate link and see the solution.
This should resolve the error you are facing.

3. If you are facing windows update error, you may restart your computer and install updates manually. For this, open start and type “windows update” in the search box. Click Windows update from the search results. When the window opens, click “Check for updates.” Then click “Install updates.” It might work.

Note: You may also look up for particular error by typing in the search box in this link.

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