magnifySystem Overview

SpeedFixTool makes it very easy to determine the current state of your registry. The programs status tab presents you with all the important facts you should have about your registry. The software automatically scans and shows you the current level of registry damage on your PC, the exact number of errors, and when the last scan was completed. To top it up, the status tab will also have a suggestion on the best step you should take to optimize your PC’s performance level. The system overview makes the entire process simple, effective, and very fast.

toolsScan and Fix Errors

The process of scanning your PC for all kinds of errors is very easy yet it takes only seconds to start up. It is as simple as clicking on a “Start Registry Scan” button” to initiate the process. With SpeedFixTool the scan will be completed really fast once you start the process. When it is completed, SpeedFixTool will present you with a more in-depth analysis of all errors present in your PC. Additionally you will be shown exactly what kind of errors they are yet you can fix all of them through a single, and your PC is optimized.

safeRegistry Backup

The registry is where all your very important system information is stored on your PC such as all your settings, user profiles, installed programs, and system hardware info. Your operating system constantly refers to the registry for information. Any sort of damage to this registry will render your PC inoperable and it will require a lot of technical assistance to get it back up. Not that many users tamper with the registry, but you can sometimes encounter a problem that requires you edit the registry. In some cases the registry can get messed up during defragmentation. Through SpeedFixTool you can back up your registry files and in case of any errors in your registry, you can restore the registry back to its previous state. Backing up your registry will not require any technical knowledge, through SpeedFixTool you only have to click on a button to securely back up all your registry files.

magic_hatRegistry Defragmentation

Just like a normal registry, your system registry can get disorganized over time. Every time you use your PC, data is being removed and written in the registry. In fact your operating system accesses the registry files more than 100 times each second. With continuous use data gets scattered within the PC’s registry file. Additionally when information is removed from the registry, ‘holes’ are left behind and data within the registry gets fragmented. This makes it hard for the OS to access the files as fast as it should. SpeedFixTool optimizes your registry by deleting unused entries, restructuring, removing gaps and any wasted space, hence fragmenting the registry in the process. Your OS will have no problem accessing files in the registry and you should notice an improved overall performance.

sheduleScheduled Repairs

With a busy schedule it is very easy to forget to run SpeedFixTool as often as you should in order to keep your PC at its best condition. While it is recommended that you optimize your PC after every few days of use, it might turn out to be very hard to keep up with this requirement. The program has included a scheduled repairs feature to do all these tasks on your behalf. You can schedule SpeedFixTool to run a system scan for registry problems and to fix them on a regular basis without starting up the program. You can select any duration that fits in with how often you use your PC.

startupPC Startup Manager

When you start up your PC some programs are launched automatically – they are called startup programs, a good example is your antivirus program. Startup programs tend to slow down your system’s startup and windows takes much longer than it should to boot. Additionally these programs also greatly reduce system performance because they take up a lot of CPU resources and RAM even when we are not using the programs. We don’t require some of these startup programs because we rarely use them, yet they slow down your PC.

With SpeedFixTool’s startup manager you can find these startup programs and prevent them from launching on system boot. The startup manager will also show you the startup programs that are and those that are not necessary for the OS to function, making your job even easier. You can disable any of those unnecessary startup programs through a single click.

Safe & Easy to Use

Speed Fix Tool is guaranteed to be 100% free of spyware, viruses and malwares. The software is reaching out to millions and is on its way to be one of the most trusted brands used by everyday computer users to solve their common problems in the friendliest way.

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How Much Does it Costs?

It’s free to download and perform a scan. To repair errors that SpeedFixTool finds on your computer you have to upgrade to Premium.