How SpeedFixTool Works

Once the SpeedFixTool is installed, a complete system scan will be performed automatically. No need to worry about any changes made to your PC as nothing will be done without your approval. Also, a backup of the Windows Registry will be created before working on it, so that you can reverse any changes being made to the registry. If you want to cancel scanning at any point in time, simply click the “Cancel” button.

Step 1

After installation is complete, SpeedFixTool launches itself automatically.

Step 2

The computer scan starts automatically.

Step 3

Review the scan report and click “Fix All” to resolve the problems.

Upgrade to the Premium version of SpeedFixTool

If you purchase the full version of SpeedFixTool for just $39.97, the tool automatically fixes all the listed problems. Keep in mind that it’s just a fraction of the cost of replacing your machine. You should notice the difference in performance immediately. Your computer will run faster negligible errors.

Click here to purchase Full Version SpeedFixTool