Free or Premium?

Features Free Version Premium Version
Cost FREE [up_to_country country=”GB” value_if_true=”£55.95″ value_if_false=”$39.97″]
Detect Unique Problems and Errors that Applies to Your PC only
Full System Scan
Extensive Database of Computer Errors
Detailed Report of Detected Problems on Your System
Automatically Clean Errors and Repair Your PC MANUAL
Windows Registry Defragmentation MANUAL
Computer Startup Management MANUAL
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Customer Service

Does the Free Version end?

No, you can use free version as long as you need. However, we highly recommend that you upgrade it to the premium as soon as you install SpeedFixTool in order to keep your PC error free all the time.

Why do I need a Premium version?

In spite of having many features available, the free version may not suffice if you want to clean the errors found on your PC. In order to get rid of all the known and unknown errors, you must purchase a Premium license for only $39.97!

And if you are not satisfied with the product, just don’t worry – we got you covered by a full 30 days money back guarantee.

Is this a subscription service?

No. Unlike other PC cleaners, we bill our customers only once. No recurring payments!

How long does the Premium license last?

We have two following license options available:

  • 1-year license – cost [up_to_country country=”GB” value_if_true=”£55.95″ value_if_false=”$39.97″]
  • 2-year license – cost [up_to_country country=”GB” value_if_true=”£67.95″ value_if_false=”$54.92″] (you save [up_to_country country=”GB” value_if_true=”24%” value_if_false=”31%”])

Once the license expires you have to renew it by purchasing from us again.

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